Personalized Tutoring Services

Reach your full potential with tutoring services from Stimulus Effect. We offer professional tutoring in reading, writing, math, and a wide range of other academic subjects. Our tutors integrate your goals and interests into each session in order to keep you engaged and leverage your strengths to help you overcome obstacles. Tutoring sessions are available at your home or online, and our prices are very competitive.

Basic Math

In basic math tutoring sessions, students are given focused exercises that sharpen calculation skills and link techniques to fundamental concepts. This creates the knowledge base required for advanced mathematical disciplines.


In reading and comprehension tutoring, students are guided to read thoughtfully, insightfully, and efficiently. They learn to identify keywords and themes, create targeted summaries of what they have read, and link story aspects to existing areas of knowledge.


In writing tutoring, students are first prompted to master fundamentals—including grammatical conventions, organization, and other concepts. They are then guided to develop their own unique, original voices through assignments and projects that meet curricular objectives while offering opportunities for unlocking creativity.


In algebra tutoring, the new "language" of higher math is linked to familiar arithmetic principles to make concepts more concrete (and less intimidating). This helps ease the transition from basic math to more advanced disciplines.


In geometry tutoring, students are given opportunities to explore concepts—both textually and visually—by creating and exploring formatted displays that are linked to core principles. This provides engaging content that promotes retention and understanding.


In statistics tutoring, students are not only instructed on key approaches, formulae, and techniques; they are also shown how concepts are practically related to everyday life, rendering subject matter accessible, relatable, and ultimately understandable.

Female Tutor Working with High School Student


In finance tutoring, key formulas and equations are carefully deconstructed with components linked to overarching concepts. Students also explore how current events and trends are driving the markets.


In accounting tutoring, the mystery and confusion is taken out of calculations as formative connections are made between concepts and common techniques, everyday applications, and principles. Students also learn the "real-world" significance of the concepts they are studying.

Study Skills

In study skills tutoring, students are taught how to analyze, interpret, and review content efficiently in order to make quick progress toward desired results. This helps them establish a solid infrastructure for continual—and successful—lifelong learning.

And Much More!

The subjects listed above are just the beginning. Our team provides customized tutoring in virtually any subject. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.

Independent Learning

Learning doesn't stop when the tutoring session ends. Along with the singular service that our tutors provide, we also offer optional follow-up exercises—free of charge—that allows students to reinforce concepts independently and build the skills to ultimately succeed on their own.

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