Recent Successes

Learn about some of Stimulus Effect's recent successes. Our tutoring programs have made a big impact on student performance. We have helped students excel at all levels—from elementary school to doctoral programs—and we have provided tutoring in subjects ranging from math to business studies. We have also helped numerous students with intellectual disabilities and learning challenges succeed.

High School Student

By the Numbers:

  • 90%—Percentage of Our Students Who Earn As on Their Final Grades
  • 50 Points—Average Increase on Standardized Tests
  • 200—Number of Lesson Plans in Our Library
  • 25%—Minimum Increase in Performance within 3 Months
  • 0—Number of Students Who Have Stagnated or Regressed
  • 100%—Percentage of Students Who Have Improved

We're Just Getting Started

Stimulus Effect has an impressive track record—but we're just getting started. We are currently preparing to partner with schools and community organizations to offer customized, student-centered before- and after-school services for underperforming students.

A Few of Our Success Stories

The greatest reward for an educator is seeing their students excel. Here are a few recent successes of Stimulus Effect's clients:

  • Sherwin H.—95 on Financial Management Midterm (MBA Student, Project Management)
  • Matt L.—90 on Algebra Test (8th Grade)
  • Ikia, N.—100 on Time Test (4th Grade)
  • Sheila S.—88 on Accounting Midterm (Undergraduate, Business Major)
  • Nikisha T.—96 Average in IT Course (Undergraduate, Business Major)

The Stimulus Effect congratulates all of its clients on a job well done. We're looking forward to helping you define your genius.

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