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Growth.Discovery.Lifelong learning. These are just some of the benefits The Stimulus Effect’s Ignite program will offer your students each day. Through rich, engaging content tailored to students’ developmental needs; nurturing, skilled instructors who know that all students can excel, no matter the obstacles; and dynamic, enriching activities that relate to students’ lives and communities while building fundamental skills, The Stimulus Effect has guided students to raise their performance nearly 30% on average, just within three months. Here’s what we offer:

  • Focus on mental health, constructive integration, and academic/vocational readiness
  • Inclusion of cultural and societal themes to promote heritage and self-identity
  • Integration of social workers, occupational therapists, and other specialists for meeting developmental needs
  • Annual culminating projects: students collaborate with community leaders to develop and actualize strategies for community challenges
  • Service learning that will enable students to apply growth and developing skills inside and outside facilities
  • Recreational events (athletic tournaments, academic bowls/relays, story and poetry slams, etc.) that promote growth and engage
  • Time-sensitive action plans: focused on behavior and academics—15, 30, 60, 90, and 120 days
  • Customized activities and interventions based on current ability, demonstrated grade level, and learning style
  • Learning cohorts: Groups of five to six with through which students can collaborate, find support, and receive specialized guidance
  • Secondary and post-secondary accelerated programs for qualified students
  • Quarterly assessments and staff observations to ensure adequate progress towards goals
  • Accountability: billing based on actual attendance rather than enrollment
  • "Classroom to corner office": internship opportunities with local organizations that will lead to promising positions

Are you ready to define your students’ genius? Please contact The Stimulus Effect today at 800-651-0701 or to begin redefining possibilities.

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